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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Here I am...Lord!

Matthew 13 is the parable of the sower. This can be a metaphor for our spiritual walk. This scripture is a favorite, but not because it gives me the warm and fuzzies. Instead it serves as a reality check. You see when it comes to being patient and waiting for things to grow "roots" (including myself" I fall short. I want things to happen and happen now. Then I wonder why things aren't long-lasting. This passage reminds me that having a good root system is important and that I consistently fall short. My appreciation for this passage was a result of my Emmaus Walk several years ago. At that time most people would have thought all was good, but it was "all good" on the surface. My roots were not growing in fertile soil. I was the soil on top of the rocks. I would sit in church and hear the message, but not "feel" it. It had nothing to do with the pastor and everything to do with my heart and my spiritual root system. As a result of my time away from the real world during my Emmaus weekend I learned many things (mostly about myself). As this scripture was read during a talk I literally felt a knot in my stomach. I was convicted there in my chair. My roots were trying to grow in soil that was shallow. My spiritual plants were being scorched by the son and withering. The thorns of life were choking me.

That weekend I re-dedicated my life to Christ and vowed to make Him number 1 in my life. My friends, this changed my life. I have a long way to go still. This walk with Christ is never finished while we are here on earth. From this scripture I know my life must be rooted in Him. My roots cannot exist and be fruitful without healthy does of prayer (LOTS of prayer), Bible study, participating in the life of the church, witnessing to others and giving of myself. These things make up my root system--years later my soil still has some rocks, but they are much smaller and not as prevalent. I am human and so are you. Join me today to recommit your life to Christ. Is your soil full of rocks? Start small (like a seed) and grown it (like a nicely rooted flower) and flourish. If you know me very well you know that my two grandmothers were very dear to me. Both had a strong faith. My MaMa Long had Bibles everywhere in her house, but there was one in particular that I asked for when she died. It is not pretty. In fact, it wasn't in a pretty location either. She kept it in her bathroom. It is well worn. In fact the cover is falling off. A well worn Bible is a well used Bible. Take a look at your Bible. Is it worn or does it need some pages turned? One way to remove rocks from our soil is studying the Bible. I can only hope that when I die one of my grandchildren will want my Bible and that they will be able to look at it and see that it was used often. I hope they have to tape it together because it is falling apart. I hope pages are worn and it is full of underlines, prayers and notes.

I've said it before, but I'm saying it again. You (I) have to make sure that we don't make this journey with Christ a solitary journey. On my Emmaus weekend I realized up until that point my walk was a solitary one---reach out to others, pray for yourself, ask people to pray for you, pray for others and most of all love not only others but yourself. A friend of mine that has laughed with me, cried with me and prayed over me gave me a Bible several years ago that isn't in print anymore. It has great quotes, notes and prayers in the margins. It also has letters along the way. It also had space for your to write notes and prayers. I want to share with you the prayer it has for Matthew 13-1:23.

"Lord Jesus, I praise and thank You for choosing to plant Your Word in my life. I yearn to be fertile ground for Your truth. I long to bear good fruit for You. Remove the rocks, chase away the birds and rebuke the evil One who would hinder my growth. Lord, in Your mercy hear my prayer. May I listen and understand and live according to Your Word today, and in so doing bring a bountiful harvest to You, the Wise and Eternal Gardener."

Lord, let this be our prayer. Help us to work on our soil. Help us to seek You. Without fertile soil we cannot do the work You have called us to do. Let us free ourselves for joyful obedience. is the time to worship. Offer yourself to Him. He hears us cry. If we dwell in dark and sin His hand will save. We just have to ask. He makes the stars of night. Have you heard Him calling in the night? Will you go? Sometimes it is simples as saying Here I am Lord.

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  1. Another wonderful and timely post. Don't know where you find the time to do this but am so glad you do.