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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Freely Forgiven

In Sunday School this past Sunday we read Psalm 51 and it reminded me that we all need a reminder about God's forgiveness. The ground at the foot of the cross is level. One person is not higher than another. If you are kneeling at the foot of the cross wholeheartedly asking God for forgiveness YOU are freely forgiven. Sometimes that is a hard pill for us to swallow. Take a minute and read Psalm 51. So many times in our lives we want to paint the picture prettier than it is. The fact is we are all sinners. One thing about the Bible is that no one is telling the stories through rose colored glasses. David had an affair with Bathsheba and this Psalm expresses true repentance of a sinner.

Our God is a God full of grace and mercy. We are loved by Him and we are His children. We are called to shout his name and sing Hosanna in the highest! Is there something you are ashamed of? We all have things that we'd rather not remember or talk about. Think about this...if your life movie (every second of it) were playing on the big screen at the movies would you want God there to watch it with you? Guess what...he has ALREADY seen it and He LOVES you anyway. There is no coincidence that the words forgive and forgiveness are mentioned so many times in the Bible. It is important to seek forgiveness and to forgive. We can ask for forgiveness all day, but we can't experience the blessings of forgiveness until we forgive ourselves. Take time today to reconcile with yourself for things you have already asked for forgiveness for. He has forgiven you and He is waiting for you to sing Hosanna.

You may be so blessed that you read this and you don't have a thing to fall to your knees for. Then, fall to your knees and praise Him. If you are sitting there reading this and you have something tugging at your heart...I do...fall to your knees and commune with God. Tell him how you feel ask him to help you forgive yourself. You can't do it alone; you can only do it when you seek Him first. If you haven't reconciled with someone and feel like you need to start there you can, but seek Him first so you will be going in the right mindset. I'm writing two letters to two people who I feel like I just need to ask for forgiveness. Every time I hear the word forgiveness these two people come to mind and doing this will give my soul peace.

A wonderful song-- 10,000 Reasons reminds us that the Sun has come up is a new day dawning...let's start on our knees so we can still be singing when the evening comes. Will you pray with me?

Father, we come to you to worship your Holy Name and ask you to bless our soul. We want to sing Hosanna like we have never sang before. Help us to remember that whatever happened in the past is just that..the past. Help us to know that whatever lies ahead we can face when we seek You first. Father, help us to become one with you so that we can still be singing when the evening comes. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. AMEN and AMEN.

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  1. Nothing else to say. You say it so beautifully! You are truly amazing.